Wanna play?

September 14, 2007 at 12:15 pm | Posted in Wanna play? | Leave a comment

On Friday 28th 15pm and Saturday 29th of September 15pm the game will be played. For each game 22 players can sign up.
The requirments to be part of this exciting and unique game are:
– Own (or borrow) a Nokia N95 (flatfee internet subscription recommended).
– A lot of enthousiasm!
If you fit the profile please email info@The-Saints.nl to register or if unable to email then show up at the right place 15 minutes before the game starts.

Reward: unforgettable experience and 21 new friends 😉

Can’t play? We will do our best to have a Google Maps hack in place on our website that will enable you to follow the game from behind your PC. After both games are played we will feature the games in pictures and video on the site to give as good of an impression as possible.



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