PopVox Awards

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NavBall is competing for a PopVox Award!

PopVox Awards


Popvox (from vox populi – L. voice of the people) is the people’s choice awards for the Vancouver International Digital Festival. The Popvox awards recognizes all major sectors of the digital media industry and celebrates its creativity, talent, and achievements. Creators submit their projects and the people vote online for their favorites. After all the votes are in, the winners will be announced at a gala Popvox awards ceremony. The ceremony will mark the official closing of the 5th annual Vancouver International Digital Festival.

The Vancouver International Digital Festival is an event for the top creative minds working in digital media. Attracting visionaries from games and digital entertainment, Web 2.0, interactive design, animation and mobile applications, it is an annual ‘must-attend’ in Vancouver, Canada. The event includes international business matchmaking, ‘big picture’ conference sessions on the latest trends and markets in digital media, a recruiting fair, high-level seminars for creators, designers, and producers, and loads of networking parties.

NavBall – Video

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What is NavBall?

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NavBall will experience its “World Premiere” at the Come Out and Play Festival. This game will bring together GPS gaming, ball and team sports into an action packed 45-minute game. It features 2 teams of 11 players each that will attempt to score as many goals. The “ball” and “goal” are placed on a map of Amsterdam and the players have to get into formation to kick the “ball” at the right angle and speed to make a goal. The players have to move around the city with their GPS enabled phones in order to achieve this.

Wanna play?

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On Friday 28th 15pm and Saturday 29th of September 15pm the game will be played. For each game 22 players can sign up.
The requirments to be part of this exciting and unique game are:
– Own (or borrow) a Nokia N95 (flatfee internet subscription recommended).
– A lot of enthousiasm!
If you fit the profile please email info@The-Saints.nl to register or if unable to email then show up at the right place 15 minutes before the game starts.

Reward: unforgettable experience and 21 new friends 😉

Can’t play? We will do our best to have a Google Maps hack in place on our website that will enable you to follow the game from behind your PC. After both games are played we will feature the games in pictures and video on the site to give as good of an impression as possible.


About Come Out and Play and PICNIC

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PICNIC is a seductive, exciting, intangible, unpredictable, cosmopolitan and cheerful annual event for and by the creative industry. PICNIC’07 will be the leading event in Europe in relation to creativity and innovation. Part of the PICNIC experience is the Come Out and Play festival at which Navball will experience its world debut.

The Come Out & Play Festival will turn Amsterdam into a playground for a weekend. Hundreds of players will gather to play different games across the city. The festival gives players and the public the chance to take part in a variety of different urban games. These new-style games turn the city into a playground. The games we’ll play in Amsterdam will be just as large-scale and fun. Navball will be played on Friday and Saturday, make sure you don’t miss it.

About The Saints

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The Saints Content Creators is an Amsterdam-based company dedicated to creating innovative mobile software products. The Saints develop games and high quality applications for a broad range of mobile phones.
We create products for many high profile clients, if you are interested to learn more about the added value mobile software could provide for your company, you can always contact us at info@The-Saints.nl

Navball is our own project to demonstrate the possibilties of “GPS gaming”, we will develop Navball into a game that will hopefully be played many times across the world the coming years.

Check us out at http://www.The-Saints.nl, contact us at info@The-Saints.nl

Press Info

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If you wish to receive more press related information, contact The Saints through info@the-saints.nl.

You can also contact us if you want to play the game but do not have the right equipment.

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